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Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure

Designed for mission critical

Responding to emerging trends in cloud, big data and mobility is a constantly evolving challenge. Systems eventually run out of room, demand too much floor space, and use up too much energy. Data must be processed faster and provide a proven, mission-critical infrastructure that can keep vital applications up and running.

HP Business Critical Servers HP Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure is specifically designed to anticipate, and successfully manage key workloads. Your business and its mission-critical IT are kept up and running with a simple, integrated, and automated environment. With HP Integrity solutions as the foundation, your databases, SAP, and BI applications will be as resilient and flexible as you need them to be, now and well into the Future.

At HP, Integrity is more than technology—it's a mission-critical infrastructure as well as a core value in the solutions developed and delivered by HP and PartnerCo. See the complete HP Integrity systems family guide.

Family guide: Mission-critical results start with HP Integrity systems

HP Integrity Superdome

HP Integrity Superdome
  • The ultimate mission-critical consolidation platform, ideal for high-end availability and reliability
  • Perfect for data-intensive workloads and consolidation
  • Up to 32 socket scalability; designed to scale from 8 to 256 cores and more
  • Increase the scalability and reliabwility of your infrastructure: HP Superdome 2 for converged infrastructure platform

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HP Integrity Server Blades

HP Integrity Server Blades
  • The Integrity server blades offer increased flexibility and availability with electrically isolated hard partitions (nPars).
  • The HP Integrity BL860c i4 Server Blade, HP Integrity BL870c i4 Server Blade, and HP Integrity BL890c i4 Server Blade are flexible and versatile two-, four-, and eight-socket systems; ideal for mission-critical enterprise applications.
  • With support for hard partitioning (HP nPars), HP-UX Virtual Partitions (HP-UX vPars), and HP Integrity Virtual Machines, these Integrity server blades provide mission-critical levels of virtualization availability and flexibility.

    View Data Sheet: Speed up. Scale up. Strengthen: HP Integrity server blades

HP Integrity rack-mount servers

HP Integrity rack-mount servers
  • Two-socket UNIX servers offering exceptional configuration flexibility (rack-optimized, tower and office-friendly configurations with reduced acoustics).
  • Ideal for branch offices and rack-mount server based data centers running workloads such as business processing, OLTP, system management, application tier, security, and industrial R&D.
  • High performance, high availability, simple manageability and energy efficiency (ENERGY STAR certified) at outstanding value.
  • Advanced virtualization and partitioning technologies (HP vPars and HP Virtual Machines) for workload consolidation and deployment flexibility.

    View Data Sheet: Re-energize your branch office and rack-mount server infrastructure: HP Integrity rx2800 i4 Server

HP Integrity NonStop Servers

HP Integrity NonStop Servers
  • Continuing HP's Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure portfolio, the HP Integrity NonStop NS2100 joins the NS2200 in the next generation of entry-class HP Integrity NonStop servers. It is designed to deliver high levels of availability and data integrity in a cost-effective manner.

    View Brochure: HP NonStop platform

HP Project Odyssey redefines the future of mission-critical computing

HP Project Odyssey

Project Odyssey will revolutionize mission-critical computing with uncompromising choice and investment protection. For more than 25 years, HP has powered the most demanding workloads by building a robust and proven franchise of technology and service innovations for mission-critical computing. By fortifying Linux and Windows with HP intellectual property, HP will unify UNIX and x86 server architectures while delivering industry-leading availability, increased performance and flexibility for our customers.

HP's new development roadmap includes ongoing innovations to HP Integrity servers, HP NonStop solutions, and the HP-UX and OpenVMS operating systems. Planned advancements include delivering blades with Intel Xeon processors for the HP Superdome 2 enclosure (code name "DragonHawk") while fortifying Windows and Linux environments with innovations from HP-UX within the next two years.

Opening up a new world of possibilities: 100% HP NonStop value on the x86 architecture

On November 4, 2013, HP announced a revolutionary plan to bring the 100% fault-tolerant HP NonStop solution to x86 architecture. If your business depend on critical transactions every minute of every day, your business needs to be always-on. With HP NonStop you will experience the only flexible approach to a 100% fault-tolerant infrastructure. You will benefit from continued innovations for your established NonStop environments, based on the Intel® Itanium® processors, with greater scalability, performance, and security.

And, by extending the HP server portfolio to include NonStop systems built on Intel x86 technology, you will be able to choose which NonStop platform is the best path for your business. HP has the right compute for the right workload at the right economics, to meet your availability needs every time.

HP-UX 11i: mission-critical UNIX

HP understands that critical environments endure, and our HP-UX roadmap extends longer into the future than any other UNIX in the market. HP-UX 11i v3 is designed to simplify and unify IT; and deliver the always-on resiliency, dynamic optimization of resources, and investment protection and stability demanded in mission-critical computing. It integrates proven UNIX functionality with advances in high availability, security, virtualization, workload management and instant capacity; and delivers it within the industry's first mission-critical Converged Infrastructure driving up flexibility reducing risk and delivering compelling value.

View Brochure: Integrated by design for continuous operations: Achieve simplified availability and flexibility with HP-UX 11i v3 on HP Integrity servers

HP Mission Critical Services: Delivering business-critical success

At HP, we deliver mission critical services with a difference. We collaborate closely with you, starting with your needs, and custom-tailor the solution that works best for your business. Count on HP Mission Critical Services professionals for:
  • Prevention of downtime using a proactive and holistic approach encompassing technology, processes and people.
  • Proven expertise spanning servers, storage, software, networks, SANs and more to quickly resolve even complex issues.
  • Vendor-agnostic, extensive experience in major virtualization technologies, including HP, Microsoft, VMware and Citrix.
  • Time-to-resolution commitments that help you address issues promptly and recover completely from outages.
  • Leadership and know-how in ITIL/ITSM.

Evolve Your Legacy Systems

Today's HP Integrity Servers evolve with your mission-critical environment
Invest in the long-term future of your business. When you evolve your existing HP environment – legacy Integrity, HP 9000 or AlphaServer – to the latest Integrity family of products and solutions, your business will benefit from the investment protection and stability of HP's Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure.

Take advantage of the power and efficiencies of platform convergence for your most demanding workloads.
  • Simplify your data center on a common IT platform
  • Keep business up and running in today's chaotic world
  • Enjoy efficient, optimized resources
  • Be ready for the future
Easily transition to HP Integrity
Ongoing advancements in HP Integrity/HP-UX solutions serve as the design center for Project Odyssey, which will deliver a UNIX-like experience for mission-critical Linux and Windows environments in the future for customers considering such a solution. Investing in HP Integrity servers and HP-UX positions your business to create or expand a mission-critical Converged Infrastructure that addresses your changing needs with a suite of product choices and investment protection.

You can move your databases and applications to today's HP Integrity servers easily and cost-effectively. We will help you achieve a smooth transition by leveraging proven expertise and integration experience during all the phases of the transition process:

We have the tools to help you plan and execute one or more of these transition strategies:
  • Transfer existing applications from legacy systems to HP Integrity servers without re-architecting the solution stack. This will be a common approach for Oracle database and SAP landscapes, for instance.
  • Consolidate multiple application instances onto fewer servers to reduce TCO, taking advantage of virtualization, and leverage powerful processors to reduce processor count.
  • Re-architect the solution environment and install it on the new server platform.


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