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HP Storage Solutions for any Infrastructure

With the most comprehensive storage portfolio in the industry, we can help you determine which set of technologies is right for your business needs and existing infrastructure.

Removable Disk Backup System

An easy-to-use, affordable, and rugged removable backup solution for small businesses with limited time, knowledge, or experience to dedicate to data protection.

Tape Drives

DAT tape drives are an affordable and reliable backup solution for entry-level servers and workstations. Ultrium tape drives are based on LTO technology for highest capacity, performance and reliability.

Tape Automation

Tape autoloaders are cost effective, easy-to-install unattended backup for multiple servers or across the LAN. Business-class tape libraries provide centralized backup in a single automated device.

Disk-Based Backup Systems

Consolidated, automated disk-based backup designed expressly for the needs of small- and medium-sized IT environments, including remote and branch offices.

Modular Smart Array

Enabling low-cost, scalable, high-performance storage consolidation through SANs to meet entry-level to midrange requirements.

SAN Solutions

HP StoreVirtual SAN Solutions optimized for database and email applications, as well as virtualized servers. This iSCSI storage area network is perfect for the small to medium-sized, budget-minded organizations.

Bladed Storage

Storage solutions designed to fit inside the BladeSystem enclosure, as well as external expansion to virtually unlimited storage capacity.

NAS Systems

Rapid file storage growth, driven by rich media, document and backup files and email, impacts businesses more now than ever before. Consolidating file data with a dedicated Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution can help you address your changing file serving needs and reduce your cost of ownership by enabling simplified management, better resource utilization, and centralized growth and data protection.

HP offers a full range of NAS solutions including HP StoreEasy 1000 Storage for small and medium IT environments, and HP StoreEasy 3000 Gateways that add IP-based services to arrays and SANs.

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