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HP Environmental Sustainability

Reduce your environmental impact

Is “being green” high on your company’s priority list? Lowering your environmental footprint is an imperative at many businesses, and it’s easy to see why. Green business is smart business, and can help your company:
  • Save money
  • Increase productivity
  • Better manage risks
  • Fuel new opportunities
Low-carbon HP solutions and energy-efficient HP products can help your company achieve its environmental goals. HP has been widely recognized as an environmental sustainability leader, and in 2012 – for the third year in a row – was ranked second on the Newsweek Green Rankings list of the top U.S. companies.

Learn more about HP’s environmental history

Do more while using less

As the world’s largest provider of information technology (IT) infrastructure, software, services, and solutions, HP works hard to help you reduce energy use and waste. HP designs products and supplies to minimize environmental impact by:
  • Reducing or eliminating hazardous materials
  • Using fewer resources
  • Developing energy-efficient products
  • Designing for recyclability

Manage your environmental footprint

Explore the assets below to learn ways your company can reach its environmental goals.

Watch these videos to see how HP is keeping millions of print cartridges out of landfills:


Read the whitepaper "HP Sustainable IT Purchasing Guidance"

Calculate the energy consumption of HP products with the HP Carbon Footprint Calculator, which can help your customers estimate and compare energy usage, estimated monetary costs of products and much more.

Read the Action plan for environmental sustainability in office printing.

Discover how HP makes recycling easy:

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