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Konica Minolta - bizhub PRO 1200/1200P
Black & White Production Print

Speed: 120 PPM

Spec Sheet: Click Here

Produce documents at blazing speeds using a monochrome digital press from Konica Minolta. The bizhub PRO 1200 and 1200P are designed to output up to 3 million pages per month at speeds up to 120 ppm.

B&W: 120 PPM
Max Monthly Volume: 3,000,000 Pages
Max Paper Capacity: 14,000 Sheets
Functions: Print, Copy, Scan (1200P is Print only)

Designed exclusively for production print professionals, the bizhub PRO 1200 (printer, copier, scanner) and 1200P (printer) will quickly become your go-to monochrome digital press. They feature new LED exposure technology for superior imaging at 1,200 DPI resolution and can output up to 3 million pages per month. You can count on Konica Minolta to provide the best monochrome digital press in its class with in-line finishing options and an energy saving design.

• 120 ppm output with a monthly volume of up to 3 million pages

• LED exposure technology for precision imaging at 1,200 DPI

• Up to 40 system configurations

Other features of the monochrome digital press include:

• 14,000 sheet maximum paper capacity

• 105 opm scanning with scan-to-email, scan-to-SMB, scan-to-FTP, and scan-to-HDD

• In-line finishing options including: 600-page book binding, GBC punch unit, 100-page multi-position stapling, post-insertion, and folding options.

High-Speed, High-Volume Output
Print documents at speeds up to 120 ppm with a monochrome digital press from Konica Minolta. The bizhub PRO 1200 and 1200P were designed for production print environments and feature a monthly duty cycle of 3 million pages.

Advanced Finishing Options
Fold, staple, punch, and bind with no effort using the bizhub PRO 1200/1200P. This production printer has the ability to fold in a variety of configurations including z-fold and gatefold; staple in multiple positions and at variable staple lengths; punch using a GBC punch unit with interchangeable die sets, and bind books up to 600 pages.

Precision Imaging
Documents look better than ever with new LED exposure and sophisticated toner transfer technologies that print high-quality documents at 1,200 DPI resolution.

Extra-Large Paper Capacity
Load up to 14,000 sheets of paper in 8 paper drawers for longer uninterrupted print runs.

Smart, Environmentally Friendly Design
Save money and supplies with your bizhub PRO 1200/1200P monochrome digital press. All Konica Minolta bizhub products are Energy Star rated and feature Simitri polymerized toner, which offers superior print quality while economizing supplies and energy.

Fast, Flexible Scanning
Scan documents to a variety of locations including email, SMB, FTP and HDD at speeds up to 105 opm. Scanning not available on the bizhub PRO 1200P.

Simple System Management
PageScope from Konica Minolta helps you to manage your entire production floor with software that allows you to: check devie status remotely, send PDF and TIFF files to your bizhub without print drivers, handle files in any format, track jobs and more.

Print Control is Built-In:
The bizhub PRO 1200/1200P monochrome digital press is ready to go out of the box with built-in print control that offers PCL5e/PCL6 and Adobe PostScript 3 interpreters for Windows and Mac environments.

Automatic Document Feeder: Automatically feeds documents into the digital press and features a 100-sheet paper capacity (not available on bizhub PRO 1200P)

PF-702 Paper Feed Unit: Paper feeder for the bizhub PRO 1200/1200P with 3 drawers and a 6,000-sheet paper capacity

PF-703 Paper Feed Unit: Paper feeder that has 3 drawers with air-suction technology and holds 5,000-sheets of paper. Can also be used after the marking engine as a post process inserter

RU-506 Relay Unit: Reverses sheets on your bizhub PRO 1200/1200P digital press and adapts processing speed to 120 ppm

FD-503 Folding and Punching Unit: Fold documents in six different patters including: half-fold, z-fold, gate-fold, letter fold-in, letter fold-out and double-parallel-fold. Also 2- and 3-hole punches and inserts pre-printed sheets

FS-521 Stapling Unit: Staple up to 100 sheets using your digital press. Unit offers 2-point and corner stapling, variable staple length (cutting mechanism), auto-shift sorting and grouping, plus output for up to 3,000 sheets and up to 200 sheets in the sub tray

GP-501 GBC Punching Unit: Punches letter sized sheets using replaceable die sets for velo bind, plastic comb, wire bind, color coil, and 3-hole punch

LS-505 Stacking Unit: Stacks up to 5,000 sheets, with the ability for two units to be installed in tandem for a maximum 10,000-sheet capacity. The stacking unit features a trolley mounted stacker with auto-shift stacking and paper clam mechanism

PB-502 Perfect Binding Unit: Provides in-line perfect bound book making for 5.5" x 8.5" or 8.5" x 11" books. Allows you to create books from 10 sheets up to approximately 300 sheets (600 pages)

PB-503 Perfect Binding Unit*: Same as PB-502, except this unit has trolley-based output and book stacking capability. Can be combined with stapling unit FS-521

SD-506 Saddle-Stitching Unit: Create saddle-stitched booklets up to 50 sheets (200 pages) with in-line face trimming. The saddle-stitch unit can also perform 'nested' multi-folding (no staples) of up to five sheets in letter-fold and half-fold patterns

*Not available at time of launch.



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