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In today's business environment, understanding, managing and reducing costs is more important than ever. Many companies are beginning to look at their costs of managing documents, which present significant opportunities for savings - as much as 30% according to industry analysts.
Companies that partner with Systel and implement a Managed Print Services (MPS) strategy can realize substantial benefits such as:

  • Decreased document-related expenses
  • Controlled expenditures
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Eliminated or significantly reduced waste
  • Continuous improvement with document lifecycles
  • Greener corporate citizen status


Systel Partners with the Industry’s Leading Providers of Office Equipment and will work with your Company in a free print assessment to evaluate the best equipment and printing solution for your current operations and needs as well as your long term business goals.

In an effort to reduce printing costs as a result of recent budget cutbacks, North Carolina has released a statewide contract for Managed Print Services, selected Systel as one of only two vendors providing this service to its State, Local, and County/City government offices.



Systel is the only approved MPS vendor for the state of NC that provides onsite service to all 100 counties

With Systel’s MPS approach, your Company can expect:
• Discovery, design, and balanced deployment of technology infrastructure
• Converged technologies through multifunction devices: print, copy, and scan
• Project management, de-installatlon, and installation of devices
• End-user training and help-desk support
• Same-day, 2-hour onsite service available statewide
• No down-time for business-critical areas
• Remote monitoring to control supply utilization and costs
• Automated toner delivery; preventative maintenance kits
• Flexible tiered cost-per-page monthly billing
• Utilize currently owned cost efficient devices

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MPS Brochure

See how much money and time you could be saving!

Systel knows how Government Works. We work with state CIOs and individuals at the county, city, community college, and public university level. We participate in all steps of the process to develop a Managed Print plan that works. The process includes:

  1. Developing a statement of work to meet the objectives and print policies of the customer
  2. Completing an assessment
  3. Writing the proposal based on the offerings under this new MPS state contract
  4. Implementing the solution
  5. Managing contingencies along the way
  6. Tracking results and refining plans for ongoing success

MPS State Contract Brochure


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For special state contract pricing contact:
State of North Carolina MPS Project Manager, Bill Stone:
bstone@systeloa.com | 919-876-8522



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