Systel Service Technician Recognized Among Top Ricoh Dealer Technicians in the Country






Charlotte, NC - September 2020 - Congratulations to Systel Service Technician, Kathryn Zweck, on becoming Prestige Hardware Certified during Phase I of Ricoh’s 2020 Dealer Service Recognition Program (RFG Circle of Excellence). The Prestige Certification is the highest level of attainment for service engineers within the RFG Circle of Excellence Program, and is designed to recognize service professionals who demonstrate resourcefulness and exceptional levels of knowledge and technical proficiency while taking an innovative approach to problem solving.

A total of 31 Dealerships throughout the US had one or more service engineers achieve Ricoh’s Prestige and/or Prestige “Elite” Certification- and Systel is one of them! In addition to attaining a score of 91.67% on the Hardware Track test, Kathryn was one of only 67 technicians who achieved this certification out of 1,749 others who participated in the program.

“Systel is proud to have Kathryn recognized as one of the top Ricoh dealer technicians in the country.  The RFG Circle of Excellence is awarded to Ricoh family dealers who have demonstrated both Technical Proficiency as well as Service Operational Efficiency.  Part of the criteria for COE is a timed, online test taken by service technicians with a maximum of 75, out of nearly two thousand, being recognized with Prestige Certification.  Kathryn's achievement continues Systel’s streak of having at least one technician qualify every year since the COE program’s inception in 2013.” - Paul Pickens, Director of Onsite Service for Systel Business Equipment




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