Blog Series: Choosing the Right Equipment - Education

Just as the workplace of the future is changing due to the evolution of technology, so is the classroom.  Here are some useful technological teaching aides and support devices for schools and the like.

Desktop Printers & Multi-Function Copiers

Schools and other organizations in the education industry need to print a wide variety of material. This can range from administrative reports to material for classes. If left untracked, printing practices and waste can become a serious drain on departmental budgets.  Do you have a lot of desktop printers all around the building along with an abundance of random supplies to keep these devices functioning?  Our Managed Print Services Professionals can assess your current print environment and make printing more efficient while reducing waste and costs. Many schools are simplifying and utilizing shared printing solutions and saying goodbye to a number of their desktop fleet to simplify, streamline and save.

Oftentimes, schools are in favor of networked, high-volume copiers with print, scan and copy features.   Placing these high-speed and versatile devices in a common area can really create an efficient printing environment. And by having other enhancement software such as secure print control software, a shared copier environment can be safe and effective.  

Document Management

Document management software can eliminate the need for physical storage and its associated costs and hazards. With this software records can be stored electronically in a way that makes documents easy to find through a searchable interface which makes more room in your school’s annex for other things instead of tangible files.

Whiteboards and Projectors

Interactive whiteboards such as the Ricoh Whiteboard and Promethean Boards are becoming very popular and can be very useful tools for teachers.  These devices improve the impact of instruction and learning and can transform and engage a learning environment with visuals and interactive software.  This type of technology increases student engagement and teacher effectiveness and creates a centralized learning center.  Check one out for yourself in a Systel Demo Room nearest you.

Devices, Software, Internet Apps and More!

Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Interactive Boards, Internet Apps and Software are all utilized in the classroom to share student progress, homework, quizzes and other materials.  Many schools try to balance transitional and modern curriculums to appeal to a large range of learning styles.  The modern dynamic will only continue to gain traction and become more prevalent with technological advancements.     

We realize that many school systems are on a strict budget.  We can help assess your needs and determine the best streamlined approach for printing and workflow solutions that checks all the boxes for your students’ educational needs.  Contact your local sales branch today to get started!

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