Say Goodbye to Traditional Business Boundaries

We live in a technology driven society where we are obsessed with anything to do with technology, especially with our mobile phones. We love our mobile technologies because they make our lives much more productive and easier in many ways. For instance, without our mobile smart phones it’s difficult to get work done when we’re out of the office. 

Without our phones, we’re left without internet access to our emails, apps, phone calls, etc. Traditionally, we only had access to those things while at our desks, but now we have access to these tools virtually anywhere. No longer is our productivity restricted to the four walls of our offices. 

Further enhancing this freedom is Mobile Enterprise Content Management (ECM), which has unlocked another level of productivity and increased the flow of your business processes, drastically improving the way many businesses are run.  

For example, when it comes to business processes that revolve around paper invoices or documents, people tend to still need to have them in order to proceed with that business process. Whether you’re in an accounts payable department processing invoices or in human resources processing and filing sensitive employee information, dealing with paper puts those boundaries back up. 

Paperless solutionsSimilar to how we used to be limited by the four walls of our offices to be productive before mobile solutions came out, paper limits businesses in the same ways. If you needed a document signed or an invoice mailed, it would have to wait to be done in the office with the physical paper document. 

That's just the way things work without embracing the powerful business technologies that have made our businesses much stronger. With ECM, employees can review, revise, and work on documents, collaborate and participate in business processes no matter where they are right from their mobile devices.   

What's the use in receiving that important contract on your smartphone when it needs to be signed and returned by close of business, yet the document is only viewable?!? Mobile ECM provides you the necessary tools to get the job done no matter where you are with ease.

These are just some of the powerful advantages of a Mobile ECM solution:

  • Turn any smartphone or tablet into an enterprise information capture application.
  • Capture documents and optimize images for highest quality.
  • Transform them into editable, searchable information with smaller file size.
  • Add meta data to documents.
  • Submit documents and data to business processes, archives or systems.
  • Enforce business rules from corporate systems directly within the app.

An ECM platform with mobile functionality allows organizations to improve the agility and responsiveness of their processes to ultimately close more business faster and improve customer satisfaction by proactively engaging their customers on the information they need. This, in turn, will reduce your process costs and latency through a combination of automation, dashboards, and analytics features that allow you to track your info every step of the way. 

dreamstime_xl_18101491_2.jpgWhat’s hurting businesses today is the lack of real-time access to the information they need at the moment it's needed. Because of this, decisions have to wait until they get back online, causing a number of ad-hoc emails, texts, phones calls to get to the right person with the authority to make a decision and to continue the process. This causes real bottlenecks in the way your processes work, costing you money and hurting the quality of customer service that consumers are expecting today. 

Article Courtesy of Konica Minolta's ECM Blog

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