More Than Just Copiers

At Systel, we are dedicated to providing our customers with an uncomplicated way to outfit their office(s) with the most useful and streamlined products for their document production and print workflow needs.

Systel offers more than just large copiers; our lengthy product catalog is proof that we have what you need to operate at peak performance. Products range from shredders, folding machines, scanners, desktop printers, etc. We even offer services to manage your entire printer/copier fleet known as Managed Print Services (MPS).

Shredders/Folding Machines

Do you send out a lot of direct mail promotions or mass mail invoices, statements or any of the like? Folding and stuffing envelopes can be a tedious task. Cut down on time and resources with a folding machine. Folding machines are easy to setup and easy to operate and save time and money!

Shredding documents may seem like a mundane topic, but it’s an important one. Protect your company’s confidential information with an elite selection of quality scanners. The MBM DestroyIt 2604 shredder has set the industry standards and provides a heavy-duty, easy to use solution that all of your employees can use hassle free. View the full brochure here.


Scanners make it easy to get paper-based information onto your network in an electronic format for easy storage and filing. We can make it easy to select which one is right for you.

The Panasonic 4065CL scanner is just one example of a great scanning option for those who scan in high volumes. With the ability to scan virtually any type of document, from business cards to legal size paper, this option is ideal for organizations with a steady workflow of scanning. View the full brochure here.


Desktop printers accompany large copier(s) perfectly in many office settings. Document management is complex and print strategy often involves a hybrid approach to serve your organization’s printing needs. Desktop printers are great solutions when your organization requires printing on special paper such as checks or watermark letterhead, etc.   

The HP 605x printer provides the luxury and ease of printing uninterrupted in the comfort of your own office. Meet high-volume demands with automatic two-sided printing and versatile paper trays- up to 3,600 sheets! View the full brochure here.

Managed Print Services

Have a large printer fleet of desktop and MFD copiers that you feel aren’t operating at optimum levels and aren’t sure if these machines are even suitable for your daily workload? We can help! We have an impressive portfolio of MPS accounts and have been proven to provide superior service and management to our customers’ every need. Interested in learning more about if your current setup can improve in efficiency and performance? Let our MPS experts assess your existing setup and create a superior solution that will save you time and money! Contact us today for an assessment.

If you’re looking to improve your overall printing solution, let us help you! We’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction and provide expert advice and guidance to optimize your workplace.
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