One Vendor Solution: Creating Total Satisfaction, Simplicity & Savings

May 4, 2016

Our top company initiative this year is aimed at developing a One Vendor Solution for Total Account Management.  We make it a point to do everything possible in making sure that our customers receive the most efficient way to operatively manage all of their technological solutions and services. 

Why do we want to be your one stop shop?  Because managing multiple vendors for all your technology needs can be expensive, time invasive, as well as an administrative burden. Based on our experience, a One Vendor Solution has provided our customers a combined 20-30% print cost savings and creates a cohesive, streamlined approach to the day-to-day operational and productivity flow of your business, and the benefits DO NOT stop there!

What is a One Vendor Solution and why consider it?

  • A one vendor solution includes managing multifunction devices, printers, software applications, IT and networking, production printing devices for in-house print shops and specialty products such as wide format or 3D printer needs.
  • This solution works seamlessly for a small commercial business or a large government/enterprise account managing a fleet of one to thousands of machines.  
  • Regardless of size, the One Vendor Solution creates a more streamlined approach to the needs of your business without breaking the bank.
  • We strive to provide printing solutions that maximize efficiency and simplicity to your business while having the cutting edge technology at your fingertips with the best local support in the industry.

To learn more about a One Vendor Solution in total account management that will work best for your business’s needs, contact  us.


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