Security Upgrade for Ricoh Printer/ PC Fax Drivers

Dear Systel Customer,

It has been brought to our attention that a potential vulnerability has been identified with the print and fax drivers installed on several Ricoh devices within our customer base. In response, Ricoh has updated its universal print driver and developed a security patch to mitigate the risk among alternative print drivers. We are proactively asking our customers to take the following action to ensure the continued security of their print infrastructure. Please consult with your IT department to determine which actions need to be taken based on their requirements.

Step 1. Review the list below to determine if your driver is impacted

If your driver is not listed, no further action is needed.

Printer Driver


Model Name

PCL6 Driver for Universal Print

4.0 or later

All models that use this driver

PS Driver for Universal Print

4.0 or later

All models that use this driver

PC FAX Generic Driver


All models that use this driver

Generic PCL5 Driver


All models that use this driver

RPCS Driver


DD 3324/ DD 3334/ DD 3344C/SD375


DD 6650P/SD 710

PostScript3 Driver and PCL6 (PCL XL) Driver


Color MFPs

DSc 930/935/1020/1025/1030/1045/1060/1120/1220/1225/1230/1245/1260 Series,


IM C300/C400/C2000/C2500/C3000/C3500/C4500/C5500/C6000 Series


M C2001


MP C305/C306/C307/C401/C406/C407/C501/C2003/C2004/C2011/C2094/C2503/C2504/


C6003/C6004/C6502/C6503/C8002/C8003 Series


Black & White MFPs

DSm 923/928/933/940/950/1525SP/1530SP/1533SP/2525SP2530SP/2535SP/2540SP/2550SP/


IM 350/430/550/600/2702 Series


MP 301/305/401SPF/402SPF/501SPF/601SPF/2001SP/2352/2501SP/2553/2554/2555/2852/3053/


7502/7503/9002/9003 Series



P 501/502/800/801/C600


SP 400DN/450DN/3600DN/3600SF/3610SF/4310N/4510DN/4510SF/4520DN/5200S/5210SF/



SP C320DN/C340DN/C342DN/C352DN/C360DNw/




C830DN/C831DN/C840DN/C842DN Series


Wide Format MFPs

MP CW2200SP/CW2201SP/W6700/W7100/W8140 Series


Production Printers

Pro C5100S/C5110S/C5200S/C5210S/C7100/C7110/C7200/C7210 Series


Pro 8100/8110/8120/8200/8210/8220/8300/8310/8320 Series


TotalFlow Print Server R-62/R-62A/R-61A/R-61/R-60A/R-60


RPCS Raster Driver



GX E2600/E3300N/E3350N/E5550N/E7700N/2500/3000/3000S/3000SF/3050SFN/5050N/7000



SG 2100N/3100SNW/3110SFNW/3120BSFNW/7100DN Series


Garment Printer

Ri 100


Step 2. Download the updated printer driver or security software and install it on all PCs

Updates for (PCL6 Driver for Universal Print) and (PS Driver for Universal Print) can be downloaded for each model here.

The security software for (PC FAX Generic Driver), (Generic PCL5 Driver), (RPCS Driver), (Post Script3 Driver), [PCL6 (PCL XL) Driver], and (RPCS Raster Driver) can be downloaded here.

**Please be sure to run the security software again, regardless of recent installations or updates**


Step 3. Distribute print driver upgrade to all relevant devices linked in your network


Should you encounter any issues implementing these steps, our Customer Support Representatives are able to assist you throughout this process.

We recognize that this vulnerability puts our customers at risk and we apologize for any concern that is caused by this communication. As always, customer service is our number one priority and we will continue to take the necessary measures to better serve you.


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