Blog Series: Choosing the Right Equipment - Legal Industry

Law firms and businesses in the legal industry depend on managing their information properly. These organizations need a way to keep their information efficient, accessible and secure.

Here are some ways Systel can help improve your document and print management in the legal environment.

Bates Stamping Capability and Digital Imaging

  • Bates Stamping Capability – This is a filing system that is used for numbering case files electronically and automatically. The software places identifying numbers and/or date/time-marks on images and documents as they are scanned and/or processed. This process provides identification, protection, and automatic consecutive numbering of the images.

  • Digital Imaging – Convert physical files into digital ones and save room in your annex or just create a duplicate location to securely access files efficiently and conveniently.

Document Management Software

  • Scan documents into editable, easy to search formats.

  • Back file scanning for electronic storing and retrieving of case files without going through old filing cabinets, emails or multiple document management systems.

  • Make documents editable and searchable.

Data Security

  • Keep secure printed information confidential via data security offerings.

  • There are a number of products to help boost your company’s data security:

    • Secure your multi-function printers through data encryption and wi-fi protection that protects copier data and passwords from hackers.

    • Integrate software with document management software that records and audits all activity on your machines.

    • Hard drive data protection and disposal is available for multi-function device printer to protect electronic information such as HDD lock password, hard drive encryption, hard drive sanitization, data auto deletion and automatic job overwrite.

Printing Options

  • Client management – Track print jobs for client bill backs – With the right software and multifunction device, print jobs may be tracked and recorded to be billed accordingly.

  • Secure Printing – Restrict access to confidential information with authorized personnel logins and passwords. This tool is a great way to maintain the integrity of personal information by ensuring that the information remains confidential.

  • Proper Equipment – Choosing the right Multi-Function Device(s), individual printers, and other equipment/products that make the most sense for your day-to-day functions can make all the difference.

    • Questions to think about when making a decision:

      • How will you use the machine(s)?

      • How much volume is printed each month?

      • How fast do you need to print to keep up with demand?

      • How many machines do you think are necessary?

      • What are your current costs?

Managed Print Services (MPS)

  • If you’re a firm with large amount of printers, you may benefit from Managed Print Services.  MPS provides a full service package that manages your printer fleet and provides full service & supply fulfillment and support desk troubleshooting.   To begin the process, an MPS provider with conduct an assessment on your firm’s needs and will provide a detailed outline of a cost effective plan that best suits the needs of your office.  Interested in learning more?  Here are some benefits of Managed Print Services.

    Our experienced sales professionals can do an assessment to determine the machine(s) and software solutions that will benefit your workflow the best and keep you operating at optimum levels.

    For a more detailed proposal specific to your firm’s needs, fill out a contact form or contact your local Systel Sales Branch today!

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