Blog Series: Choosing the Right Equipment – Real Estate Market

It takes a lot of documents, materials and resources to manage real estate properties. If you’re a real estate professional, you know that the copier/printer is a highly used commodity in the office.   Here’s a few ways real estate offices can enhance office technology while increasing efficiency and maximizing productivity. 

Multifunctional Printer (MFP): scan, copy, print, e-mail & fax

An all-in-one printing solution is a must for any business, especially in real estate.  Time is valuable and you shouldn’t have to wait around for your copier to boot up and slowly spit out pages of a large contract while your client is waiting.  The fast print-per-minute speeds of the MFPs that we offer allow you to print and copy with maximum efficiency.  In addition, the all-in-one system provides scan and store options so that documents can automatically be stored on your network in a secure manner.  You can even integrate many devices with document management software and enhance security features to further optimize your electronic filing system.  Your MFP becomes the hub of your operations and leads to a world of ease and usability.

Remote Printing and Mobile Document Management

Realtors are constantly in and out of the office meeting clients, reviewing properties, networking, etc.  The nice thing about mobile and cloud printing is that you don’t have to be in the office to print what you need.  Some MFPs give you the option of printing documents from your smartphone or tablet.  Mobile apps allow you to do this without printer drivers and allow you to print on-demand at the push of a button.

Additional mobility options include:

  1. Find, print and return forms from your smartphone or tablet

  2. Capture e-signatures

  3. Securely access your network remotely

  4. Track information back to a physical location

  5. Locate and operate network printers or MFPs from your mobile device

  6. Access documents from your mobile device and send files to different locations

Two Sided Printing

Two sided printing or duplex printing provides you with a cost effective option to print double sided saving print time while keeping costs down.  Many printers and MFPs are equipped with this feature directly from the manufacturer and no add-on software is necessary to make this possible.  Simply select “duplex printing” as a default in your printer settings on your computer and you’re good to go.  It’s that easy!

Wide Format Printing

For some jobs, especially for commercial agents, a regular 8.5”x11” sheet of paper won’t do.  Print blueprints, maps, oversized house plans and posters in-house with a wide format printer

Print these essential documents within minutes instead of having to preplan and schedule with a third party printing company.  Another nice feature of having your own wide format printer is being able to have the ability to scan markup copies electronically and make on-site changes and save them for future reference.  In addition, the wide format printer allows you to save print jobs making it easier to reprint documents that are needed on a regular basis such as open house posters and the like.

Managed Print Services (MPS)

A real estate office may need to print, scan, distribute or store hundreds or even thousands of pages throughout the year. This can lead to mounting costs stemming from printing waste and document storage. Managed Print Services (MPS) can help offices reduce printing costs. This service helps your agency to assess and view the most effective way to deploy your printers, monitor usage and implement practices to rein in waste. MPS also allows you to conserve space in your office and accomplish more with less drain on your resources.

Professional Printing Services

In addition to our outstanding selection of multifunction devices and other products and solutions, we offer offset printing services to aid in your marketing efforts. We can help you show off your business and properties in the most professional light.

Systel Printing Services has the resources and expertise to print a variety of products for real estate marketing collateral such as signs, fliers, presentations, fact sheets, mailers and more. We realize the constant need for customized property flyers, postcards, business cards, newsletters and signs; our Printing Services division gives discounts to all current and new Systel Business Equipment Customers who are interested in professional printing services.


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