Systel: Helping to Safeguard Your Students!

School safety doesn't just happen!

Did you know... From January to August 2018, there have been 235+ mass shootings in the United States according to Gun Violence Archive? In fact, the number of US students killed in school shootings so far this year is greater than the number of U.S. military personnel who have been killed in combat operations.

Systel in partnership with Konica Minolta is now offering two options - the Classroom Guardian and SchoolGate Guardian - that can help keep your children out of harm's way.

With the Classroom Guardian, teachers and school officials can effectively barricade a classroom in seconds with a universal device pre-adjusted to fit any door during installation. Features of the Classroom Guardian include:

1. Locking automatically into place and  not requiring manual insertion of pins or hardware.
2. Constructed of slotted steel uni-strut, providing strength, but light enough for even the smallest teacher to handle.
3. Installs anywhere on a door, ensuring ADA compliancy. 

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Reports that nearly 1,000 child abductions occur every day. But, the SchoolGate Guardian can help prevent that and a myriad of other dangerous situations with its various components. Details of the SchoolGate Guardian include:

  • Visitor Logging & Tracking
    • Software quickly scans and processes visitors’ state-issued ID.
  • Sex Offender Checks
    • Instantly compares identity of visitors with national database of 80k registered sex offenders.
  • Student Information System Integration
    • Shares data seamlessly with SIS, eliminating need for manual download of student data.
  • Customizable Unwanted Visitor Registries
    • Allows creation of lists of visitors not allowed in facilities, such as parents with restraining orders, expelled students, etc.
  • Tardy Student Tracking
    • Calculates the amount of minutes a student has been tardy and reports all students who have been tardy.
  • Approved Pick-Up Lists
    • Identifies individuals who have parental approval to pick up children from facilities.
  • Time-Expiring Visitor ID Badge Technology
    • Prevents visitors from using badge at another time or place in district after badge expires.
  • Volunteer Hours Tracking
    • Reports how many hours a particular volunteer has volunteered in schools.
  • Mass Alert Feature
    • Sends instant, discreet alert via text message/email to key district personnel.
  • Emergency Response Reporting
    • Creates instantaneous report of who is in building in event of emergency lockdown that can be provided to law enforcement.
  • Frequent Visitor Tags
    • Provides frequent visitors, such as vendors, with bar-coded key tag that can be easily scanned by system.

For more information on the Classroom Guardian or the SchoolGate Guardian (FAQs) or to set up your free consultation, contact Systel at: (800) 849-5900.

Also, learn more on Keeping North Carolina Schools Safe and Secure, a report by former Attorney General, now Governor, Roy Cooper and Bryan Beatty, former Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety.


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