Systel Honors Veterans for Their Service

As Veterans Day closes in on us this weekend - Sunday, November 11 - Systel Business Equipment  wants to take the opportunity to thank all of our veterans of the United States for their service to our country. In particular, we'd like to take a moment to say thank you to our very own veterans - our employees - some who have served and other who continue to serve. Your bravery and service to our great nation is honorable and commendable, and we thank you.

“Veterans Day, marks a time that we as Americans say thanks to our Veterans of all conflicts. Those who have fought in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Mogadishu, Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom have not forgotten the oath they have taken and continue to live by daily. Most Veterans when told, 'thank you for your service,' say 'you're welcome,' but inside, a sense of pride wells up," explained Jack Graves, Federal/Military Relations Manager with Systel Business Equipment.

Headquartered in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Systel is located only minutes away from Fort Bragg - the largest military installation by personnel in the world. In fact, approximately 10 percent of our staff are military veterans with nearly 30 percent of staff affiliated with military as either a spouse or child of a veteran.

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