Systel's January 2021 Recap

January was a great month for Systel. We ended 2020 by earning our highest annual Net Promoter Score to date, kicked off the new year with a companywide charity drive, hosted our first virtual sales meeting, and celebrated Konica Minolta's 12 BLI Awards. It seems that 2021 is off to a good start, and we are looking forward to what the rest of the year has to offer.

Now, let's hit the highlights: here's Systel's January recap.

Systel Achieves Its Highest Annual Net Promoter Score in 2020

After what seemed like the longest year to date, 2020 is officially behind us. Although it brought its fair share of challenges, we somehow managed to find light in the darkness. In the early stages of COVID-19,  Systel leadership made safety in the workplace a priority and quickly instated new policies to maintain normal business operations, and employees remained patient, understanding, and dedicated to providing excellence to our customers. Due to these companywide efforts, Systel was able to achieve its highest annual Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90.2 for the year 2020.  [Read More]

Employees Donate Over 200 Canned & Non-Perishable Food Items to Local Organization

Systel is well known for its philanthropic efforts and charitable contributions within the communities we serve. Each year, we support a number of causes that are meaningful to not only our customers, but also our employees. To kick off 2021, we hosted a companywide canned and non-perishables food drive within all Systel office locations during the month of January. In response, Systel employees provided more than 200 canned and non-perishable food items that were donated to His Bread of Life Food Bank in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 



Virtual Sales Meeting

Systel hosted its first virtual sales meeting on January 27th - 29th alongside our manufacturing partners. Although we were unable to meet in person, we had loads of fun and gained a plethora of knowledge that we are excited to provide our customers with. We look forward to all that 2021 has in store and are prepared to help our customers have a successful year.


Konica Minolta Receives 12 BLI Awards, Including 'A3 Line of the Year'

Congratulations are in order for long time Systel partner, Konica Minolta, after receiving 12 Buyers Lab (BLI) Awards in 2021! Among the winnings, Konica Minolta was acknowledged for 10 BLI 2021 Pick Awards, BLI 2021 A3 Line of the Year Award, in addition to the BLI 2021-2023 Most Color Consistent A3 Brand. This is truly a testament to the quality and overall capabilities of Konica Minolta's multi-functional peripheral devices (MFPs). Systel is a proud partner of Konica Minolta and we are excited to join them in celebration of these outstanding achievements! [Read More]



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