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Systel Expands Into Outer Banks Market, Increasing Number of Branches to 10

Systel Business Equipment is pleased to announce that it has recently expanded its reach into the Outer Banks market of North Carolina along with parts of Virginia with the acquisition of Complete Business Services in Kill Devil Hills. Systel Outer Banks currently employs four workers, all who previously worked for Complete Business Services.

Awards Abound at Systel with Four Honors Coming in Over the Last Few Months

Systel Business Equipment is no stranger to awards. If you’ve ever been to our Corporate Office and seen the numerous plaques or had a glimpse at the awards section and noticed the list of accolades on our website, you know Systel has been honored a number of times. From national magazines to manufacturers’ awards, Systel is known in our industry, and we continue to make a name for ourselves.

Over the last few months, Systel has garnered numerous awards – one right after the other beginning in August:

Did You Know.. You, Too, Can Prevent Paper Jams?

Paper jams can occur for a myriad of reasons. Whether it's the equipment's fault or the fault of the user, paper jams are bound to happen. You just don't want them happening so much that you start calling your copier Bob Marley because "It be jammin!"

In any case, there are ways you can help prevent paper jams from happening to your copier, ensuring that your business stays up and running and your office's workday isn't disrupted because of a jammed up copier. Simply follow these steps, and you too, can help prevent paper jams:

Don’t Let Email Hold You Down, Tips on How to Manage Email Overload

We’ve all been there before – Sitting in front of an email box so neat and tidy, we’re beaming with pride. Finally, the day has come when everything has been read, deleted or filed away. When all of a sudden, out of nowhere, one by one, a flurry of emails starts to rapidly zip and zoom their way into your inbox as if out of nowhere the Battleship Galactica (aka your inbox) is under attack. And, before you know it, you have 100+ unread emails in less than an hour.

Systel Honors Veterans for Their Service

As Veterans Day closes in on us this weekend - Sunday, November 11 - Systel Business Equipment  wants to take the opportunity to thank all of our veterans of the United States for their service to our country. In particular, we'd like to take a moment to say thank you to our very own veterans - our employees - some who have served and other who continue to serve. Your bravery and service to our great nation is honorable and commendable, and we thank you.

Next-Gen Technology Trends Energize Customers at Systel Connect & Learn Events

The topic of next-generation technology trends has been a hit with customers at our recent series of Connect & Learn events at Systel's local branches.

ENX Magazine Honors Systel as One of the Best & Brightest in the Industry for 2018

ENX Magazine has once again named Systel Business Equipment as an "Elite Dealer" in its annual Who’s Who of the office technology dealer community. This is the third year in a row that Systel has been honored with the award. Only 130 recipients were chosen from throughout the industry and were selected based on numerous criteria, including growth initiatives, innovative marketing programs, outstanding customer service, charitable contributions to the community, progressive workplace cultures and adaptability to an ever-changing market.

Systel Recognizes National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Tips to Keep Your Copiers Secure

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). It's the 15th year in a row as an annual initiative of the Department of Homeland Security, which is also co-lead with the National Cyber Security Alliance.

Here at Systel, we know the importance of cybersecurity, especially when it comes to copiers. In fact, check out one of our recent blogs on copiers and the risk of data breaches.

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