In the Community

Helping Those Who Help Us

At Systel, we pride ourselves on the success we’ve achieved over the past three decades. While we’ve worked hard to get where we are today, we know that our prosperity is only possible thanks to the support of the community around us.

That’s why Systel proudly supports different charities as our business continues to thrive.

After all, “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” – Howard Zinn

Our Charitable Contributions

Our philanthropic gestures range from volunteer work, monetary contributions, barters, discounts and the like.  We enjoy participating in local events that contribute to a good cause such as run/walks, blood drives, food drives, special events, local partnerships, etc.

How Systel Makes Donations

  1. We offer many non-profit organizations with printers, multifunction devices and other office equipment that that they need to operate at little to no cost.We base our equipment donations on the needs of an organization and the devices we have available to make them operate at optimal levels to fulfill their mission without wasting resources.

  2. Monetary Contributions.This type of donation depends on an organization’s objectives and needs as well as the project/event towards which the money will go.

  3. We also contribute to the community through barters with other organizations.

For more information on Systel’s charitable contributions, contact us.