Data Security

Data Security

Protect Your Information

At Systel, we know the importance of getting information to people who need it. However, we also know that it’s important to protect your information from others.

Who are these people? They could be business competitors looking to rip off your designs. They could be disgruntled, unethical employees looking to make a buck by selling your info to those same competitors. They could be information thieves trying to steal your customers’ identities or credit card information.

To stay competitive and productive, you can’t let your company’s data fall into the wrong hands. For this reason, Systel offers customers a variety of products to help boost your company’s data security. We can help you make your information both easier to distribute and harder to steal or lose.

Multifunction Printers

Systel’s multifunction devices let you get information out in a variety of ways. However, they can help you keep documents from getting out too. Various devices come with security features such as:

  • User codes that restrict unauthorized personnel from operating the machine
  • Overwrite programs that destroy images and other data from printers’ hard drives
  • Data encryption and Wi-Fi protection that protects data and passwords from hackers

Document Management Software

Systel also offers software that can integrate with your system’s multifunction printers to keep your information secure. You can record and audit all activity on your machines, including:

  • Who uses your MFP
  • What they do on the device
  • Which device they use
  • When they use the device
  • Which files they print or send out
  • Where files are faxed or emailed

Administrators can see these records from their desktop or remotely. You can use the document management software on Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

Managed IT Services

For companies whose in-house resources and staff are stretched thin, Systel can offer managed IT services to help ensure that your systems stay protected and functional. The features of managed IT services include:

Server and PC Management

24/7 Remote Help Desk

Emergency Onsite Support

User-Friendly Client Portal

Hard Drive Data Protection & Disposal

Protecting sensitive electronic information is of greater concern than ever before. With the proliferation of connected multi-functional office products, we realize that protecting electronic documents processed is an absolute requirement in the 21st century workplace.  

This is why we provide an array of hard drive data protection and disposal methods.  We highly recommend enabling these features and functions in order to properly protect sensitive data.

Hard Drive Data Protection Methods

  • HDD Lock Password The internal Hard Drive can be locked using a password of 20 alphanumeric characters. The data stored on the HDD is protected - Even if the HDD is removed from the MFP and installed into a different MFP or PC, the data cannot be read - The hard drive will not turn on.

  • Hard Drive Encryption Hard drive data can be encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Once a hard drive is encrypted the data cannot be read even if the HDD is removed from the MFP.

  • Hard Drive Sanitization At disposal a key operator, administrator or technician can physically wipe (erase) the hard drive if the MFP needs to be relocated or at the end of lease. The hard drives can be overwritten (sanitized) using up to eight different highly secure methods including DOD, NASA, Air Force, and NSA standards.

  • Data Auto Deletion Data Auto Deletion allows an administrator to set an auto deletion timer for data stored in the personal or public user boxes, as well as system boxes (e.g. secure print box or encrypted PDF print box). The data is automatically erased using a highly secure, U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), overwrite method.

  • Automatic Job Overwrite  Most MFPs support automatic erase of any temporary image data that might remain on the hard drive after a job is completed. Temporary Data overwrite conforms to DoD methods.

For more information on how Systel can help improve your office’s data security, contact us.