Digital Imaging

Going Digital

With much of the business world moving and operating online today, you can’t stay competitive without going digital. Companies need an efficient, reliable solution for converting physical documents into electronic formats.

At Systel, we specialize in helping businesses manage both their physical documents and their digital ones better. Our stock of scanners allows you to bolster your document-capturing or digital imaging solution. We also offer commercial imaging services for companies who only need to scan documents for special projects.

Features of Systel’s Document Scanners

Systel’s available scanners have such superior features as:

  • The ability to scan hundreds of pages and images within minutes
  • Duplex scanning for a variety of document sizes
  • Automatic features such as cropping, color detection, blank page skip and brightness
  • Options for correcting misaligned or crooked images
  • Rescan and preview options
  • Improved design for reducing double feeds
  • Staple-detecting sensors, which help prevent damage to both documents and the scanner itself

Available Commercial Imaging Services

Systel’s in-house imaging services include:

  • Paper Backfile and Day-Forward Scanning
  • Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Card Scanning
  • Legacy System Scanning and Conversions
  • Media-to-Media Conversions
  • Indexing and Post-Scan Processing

For more information on our digital imaging technology, contact Systel.