Document Solutions by Industry


For the past three decades, Systel has provided printing, communications and software solutions to thousands of companies. In that time, we’ve learned one simple truth: No two companies are completely alike.

Each business has its own unique needs. What works for one might not necessarily work for another. Because Systel recognizes this, we work to understand the printing and information needs of particular companies and their industries. It’s part of our commitment to making the customer our number one priority.

Government agencies need to produce and manage an enormous amount of information every year. At Systel, we pride ourselves on understanding and meeting the document processing needs of government agencies.
A real estate office may need to print, scan, distribute or store hundreds or thousands of pages throughout the year. Systel’s managed print services can help offices reduce printing costs. 
Managing information responsibly is an absolute must for hospitals and businesses in healthcare. With Solutions from Systel, healthcare companies can organize and protect their information effectively. 
In order to do their jobs, engineering and architecture firms need access to computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, assembly instructions and other documents. Systel has products and services to help keep these businesses competitive.
If left untracked, Schools' printing practices and waste can become a serious drain on departmental budgets. Happily, Systel can help schools avoid these issues.
Businesses involved in banking and the financial sector can succeed or fail depending how well they handle their information.  Systel can help companies in finance and banking keep their information organized and secure.
To learn more about how Systel’s products and services can benefit companies in a particular industry, contact us.