Schools and other organizations in the education industry need to print a wide variety of material. This can range from administrative reports to material for classes. If left untracked, printing practices and waste can become a serious drain on departmental budgets.

Storing information is a major concern for education organizations as well. Schools need to save student transcripts and other documents for years or even decades. If stored in physical form, the buildup of records can lead to rising costs. It can also create a growing risk of losing or damaging documents, which can negatively impact the lives of current and former students.

How Systel Can Help

Happily, Systel can help schools avoid these issues. With our document management software, you can eliminate the need for physical storage and its associated costs and hazards. You’ll be able to electronically store records in a way that makes them easy to find.

Systel can help schools save even more money with our selection of multifunction printers. These devices enable you to produce and distribute documents faster by combining the functions of many different machines (printers, fax machines, etc.) into one. Also, our digital duplicators enable educators to make thousands of prints each month on a variety of material.

Organizations in the education field can further optimize their printing processes with our managed print services. We help them see where they can make printing more efficient, reducing waste and costs.

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