Welcome to e-info, the most efficient way to request service and manage your account for your Systel equipment!

e-info is an innovative, web-based program that offers Systel customers the ability to place service calls, enter meter readings and order supplies on-line through a secure login.

Customers can manage their business equipment in real-time and can perform the following activities:

  • Order supplies and check order status
  • Input meter readings and view meter history
  • Initiate service requests
  • Monitor account information

       Service Summary

      View pending calls
      View scheduled calls
      View dispatched calls
      Request service calls
      Search previous service calls

       Equipment Summary

      View equipment on record
      View equipment tied to a contract
      View non-contract equipment

       Meter Summary   

      Record meters
      View due meters
      View meter history

       Order Summary

      Submit new orders
      View new orders
      View picked orders
      View shipped orders
      View items on back order
      View cancelled order


Benefits of e-info include:

  • Elimination of telephone waiting time when you place a service call
  • Immediate access to a listing of Systel equipment placed at your locations in real-time
  • Average monthly volumes and usage calculations for each piece of equipment
  • The opportunity to avoid mailing or faxing meter cards which will save you both time and money

Click here to register today and see what e-info can do for you!


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