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Our Healthcare Solutions

With Systel’s document management software and managed IT services, healthcare companies can organize and protect patient information effectively. Through our partnerships with some of the largest healthcare organizations in North Carolina, Systel has been able to dramatically improve print security, print performance and reliability by refining how your printing ability integrates with your EHR system. We offer customizable and scalable solutions that satisfy healthcare security regulations while saving time and money. Devices with customizable configuration and easy-to-use features can improve workplace efficiency and result in improved patient care and experience. Your team can effectively control PHI when exchanging patient information with enhanced security and regulatory compliance.

State and Federal laws require healthcare professionals to keep patient information strictly confidential; it is important to ensure that sensitive patient information is not compromised while being copied, scanned, or printed. By investing in printers with built-in security features that allow security and access configuration, only authentiquated users will be able to release pending documents. Simple capabilities such as PIN numbers or optimal proximity card readers provide complex protection against cybersecurity threats. Our multifunction devices with secure embedded features and best-in-class enterprise security solutions that can help reduce the risk of a data breach and give patients peace of mind in knowing their data is secure.

At Systel, we offer our customers three distinct approaches to mobile printing: direct print, cloud solutions, and business-in network solutions. Each of these approaches makes it simple to access and print lab results, reports, photos, and more while on the go without sacrificing security. We've partnered with HP Managed Printing Services to enable remote and secure installation, configuration, maintenance, monitoring, and management of your imaging and printing environment. Through HP MPS, we can offer our customers a scalable suite of services that can be tailored to their needs including:

  • Assessment services
  • Auto toner fulfillment 
  • Enterprise deployment and implementation services
  • Management and support services, fleet optimization, maintenance supplies management 
  • Document workflow services

Your printing environment presents an opportunity to improve clinician workflows, streamline print infrastructure and reduce costs. Free up IT resources and clinicians to focus on the core mission of your healthcare organization. Our healthcare solutions have helped organizations save up to 30% and more on overall printing costs, ranking Systel as an industry leader in Managed Print Services.

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