Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Enhance the experience of meetings, trainings, and classroom learning.

Capture your team’s attention and encourage innovative, engaging, hands-on collaboration with our interactive flat panel displays (IFPD); the perfect addition to any modern work environment, home office or classroom. Using a high-quality digital display, you’ll have the ability to share, edit, annotate, and even video conference in real-time. Interactive flat panel displays are available in a variety of sizes and resolutions, providing a seamless collaboration experience both onsite and remotely.


















Interactive Flat Panels in the Classroom

In the days since the coronavirus pandemic first began, students across the nation have been forced to split their time between the schoolhouse and virtual classrooms. Despite the challenges imposed by this situation, interactive flat panel displays are improving the classroom experience for students all around. There are several advantages to using IFPD in the classroom, including the ability to accommodate various learning styles, improved student engagement, reduced classroom expenses, and the ability to bridge the gap between physical and virtual learning environments. 














Key benefits and features of IFPD in the classroom include:

  • Ability to easily modify materials that are accessible for students with different learning styles
  • Compatible with styluses, to help students and teachers interact during lessons
  • Real-time collaboration within the classroom, or remotely
  • Compatible with a number of free interactive applications to enhance lessons
  • Reduces printing costs and the need for additional classroom supplies
  • Streamline the learning environment for students inside, and outside of the classroom.






Interactive Flat Panels in the Work Environment

Modern workstyles, like the hybrid work environment, heavily rely on fast and efficient communication with individuals inside and outside of the office. The ability to seamlessly communicate and collaborate both onsite and remotely from any time, place, and device has transformed the way we do business.











Key benefits and features of IFPD in the work environment include:

  • Real-time communication and collaboration
  • Touch screen digital display in various sizes and resolutions
  • Compatible with a number of free interactive office applications
  • Share ideas and information freely through video conferencing or device connection
  • Create and save information instantly




Find the perfect fit for your needs

Our interactive flat panel displays come in a variety of sizes and resolutions, as well as the option to wall mount or use a small mobile stand to ensure the best possible visual experience. Whether you’re in a large conference room, classroom, or home office, we have an interactive solution that can be used where you need it most.

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