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HP Acquires Samsung’s Printer Business

HP Inc. Unleashes Next Generation A3 Printing Portfolio to Disrupt $55B Copier Segment

Delivers performance, security, serviceability and affordable color to reinvent business printing

PANASONIC Scanners Streamline Operations While Saving Time and Money In Hospitality Industry


A challenge for digitally transitioning back office document processing that addresses the daily demands of Comfort Inn’s guests became the center of IT management’s focus.


Panasonic’s KV-S1027C 90ipm work group scanner with the ability to handle high-speed scanning of mixed documents ranging from extremely thin paper to passports.

If pull printing isn’t a standard technology in your office, here’s why it should be.

Traditional printer systems sometimes cannot offer the flexibility needed for a print-dependent office to function efficiently. Excessive or redundant print jobs are processed and printed, and more than occasionally someone clicks “print” and then gets wrapped up in another task forgetting about their printed documents entirely. All of these common misgivings can lead to a lot of wasted time, paper, and not to mention the exposure of sensitive documentation.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Business Boundaries

We live in a technology driven society where we are obsessed with anything to do with technology, especially with our mobile phones. We love our mobile technologies because they make our lives much more productive and easier in many ways. For instance, without our mobile smart phones it’s difficult to get work done when we’re out of the office. 

New Ricoh Series Improves Ways for Students, Faculty and Staff to Access and Manage Information

New Ricoh Series Improves Ways for Students, Faculty and Staff to Access and Manage Information

In March 2016, Ricoh unveiled its latest offering aimed to improve the way students, faculty and staff capture, transform and manage information – its Multifunction Printer (MFP) for Education Series. These new product offerings interface with Learning Management Systems (LMS), cloud storage and print management software options that help modern schools and campuses succeed.