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Konica Minolta - bizhub C364
Both Multi-Function

Speed: 36 PPM B&W and Color

bizhub C364 features a new 9" innovative "touch and swipe" control
panel that contributes to better productivity, information sharing and
workflow efficiency. Increase your print/copy output speed in both color
and B&W and reduce costs with this color multifunction printer.

  • Color: 36 ppm
  • B&W: 36 ppm
  • Max Monthly Volume: 125,000 Pages
  • Max Paper Capacity: 3,650 Sheets
If you want your business to grow effectively, you need a color
multifunction printer that can keep up with your needs. The bizhub C364
is designed to increase your print/copy output speed in color and
B&W as well as improve your image quality. Get better productivity,
information sharing and workflow efficiency from your color
multifunction printer with the innovative INFO-Palette design.

  • Print/copy output up to 36 ppm in both color and B&W
  • Optional single-pass dual scanning at up to 160 originals per minute
  • Info-Palette display provides instant access to a wide range of information
  • Downloadable apps, pop-up command windows and customizable icons
  • New generation Simitri HD toner with biomass to protect the environment

Do More Faster. Optional single-pass dual-scan capability gives the bizhub C364 scanning speeds up to 160 originals per minute.

Innovate with new INFO-Palette. Offering greater usability and unparalleled access to apps, INFO-Palette is a welcome convenience.

Expanded file format support.
Microsoft Office Open XML support lets you perform fast drag-and-drop
printing of the latest Microsoft Office files, including docx, xlsx, and

Industry Leading Security. Working professionals will appreciate important functions and security enhancements that protect sensitive information.

Powerful Productivity.
Proprietary Emperon Print System features PCL6/PS3/XPS functionality
with print speeds up to 36ppm,  3,650-sheet maximum paper capacity with
options, modular finishing options for right-size scalability, i-Option
kits and more.

Multi-Destination Scanning with expanded file format support.
Whether you need to Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-FTP or anywhere else, the
bizhub C364 has you covered. Not only does it scan to Email & FTP
but it also supports Scan-to-HDD and offers Scan-to-Me, Scan-to-USB,
Scan-to-WebDAV, Scan-to-SMB, Scan-to-Home, Scan-to-Authorized folder,
Network TWAIN, WS-Scan, Color Internet Fax and Scan-to-SharePoint
(optional). Scan-to-PowerPoint and options that support PDF/A and
Linearized PDF file formats.

Wide array of media sizes and weights.
Accommodate a wider array of media sizes and weights, with support
ranging from thin 14 lb. bond paper (52 gsm) to thick 110 lb. cover
stock (300 gsm).

A Range of Finishing Options.
From 80-page booklet making, tri-fold and half-fold to stapling, the
bizhub C364 can add a professional finish to virtually every project.

Optional Fiery Image Controller. Add
advanced color graphic and color control with the optional Fiery Image
Controller. The controller also opens up powerful networking and
document management tools that help streamline workflow. Free Fiery VUE
web download is available to provide simple graphic users with an
icon-driven print application interface.

Reduce Costs and your Footprint.
Ensure lower power consumption as you utilize the eco-indicator to
monitor energy usage by device and paper, toner usage by account or
end-user to promote greater cost-consciousness.

The bEST Integration Advantages. With
built-in bizhub Extended Solution Technology (bEST), the bizhub C364 is
ready to seamlessly interface with third-party software for print
management, cost control and networking functions.


AU-102 Biometric Authentication Unit
a unique physical finger vein characteristic of each user for highly
secure, simple, and quick user access to the bizhub

AU-201H HID Proximity Card Authentication Unit
Provides a secure and efficient method for machine access and user authentication to the bizhub

AU-202H HID iClass Card Authentication Unit
Enables access to the device through an iClass card to prevent unauthorized use of the device

AU-204H Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
unauthorized MFP access and protects documents from being released
until the user swipes their magnetic card through the reader at the

AU-211P CAC/PIV Solution

solutions that meet the requirements for the U.S. Department of Defense
and U.S. Government Employees (Fall 2012 Availability)

DF-624 RADF 
Reversing automatic document feeder features a 100-sheet capacity and can feed paper at speeds up to 80 opm.

DF-701 Dual Scan Document Feeder
Single pass simultaneous duplex document feeder features a 100-sheet capacity and can feed paper at speeds up to 160 opm.

FK-511 Fax Kit
Provides Super G3 fax compatibility

SC-508 Copy Guard Kit
Adds copy guard or password copy to prevent unauthorized copying of those documents stamped with a copy protect pattern

WT-506 Working Table to support Authentication Devices
Supports authentication devices and doubles as a work surface. 

MK-735 Internal Mount Kit
Internally mounts AU-201H and AU-202H authentication devices. 

External Keyboard
Computer-type keyboard that facilitates alphanumeric data entry on the device. 

KH-102 Keyboard Mount Kit
Holds the optional keyboard

EK-606 USB Interface for External Keyboard and Voice Guidance
Required to connect optional keyboard to device and provides Voice Guidance support

EK-607 USB Interface for External Keyboard, Bluetooth Support and Voice Guidance
Required to connect optional keyboard to device and provides Bluetooth printing and Voice Guidance support

LK-101 v3 i-Option
Provides web browser support 

LK-102 v3 i-Option
Provides PDF/A [1a/1b] formatting, Linearized PDF, AES 128-bit PDF encryption, 

LK-104 v3 i-Option
Adds Voice Guidance operation

LK-105 v3 i-Option
Adds Searchable PDF functionality

LK-106 i-Option
Provides Bar Code Font support

LK-107 i-Option
Provides Unicode Font support

LK-108 i-Option
Provides OCR Font support

UK-204 i-Option Memory Upgrade Kit
2GB memory upgrade required for LK-101 v3, LK-102 v3, LK-104 v3, LK-105
v3, LK-106, LK-107 and LK-108 i-Option Kits as well as PageScope My

FS-533 50-Sheet Inner Staple Finisher 
Supports 50-sheet stapling and electronic sorting

FS-534 50-Sheet Staple Finisher
Compact finisher meets various document output needs with multi-position stapling 

PK-519 Punch Kit (FS-533)

Provides 2/3-hole punching for FS-533 Finisher

PK-520 Punch Kit (FS-534)

Provides 2/3-hole punching capability for FS-534 finisher

SD-511 Saddle Stitcher Kit (FS-534)
Adds saddle-stitch booklet-making (80-page booklets), tri-fold and half-fold to the FS-534 Staple Finisher 

JS-506 Job Separator
Allows users to specify output trays for copy, print, fax and report output jobs

DK-510 Copy Desk
Raise your multifunction printer to standard working height with this optional copy desk which also doubles as storage

MK-730 Banner Paper Guide
Holds up to 10 banner sheets for easier banner paper feeding.

OC-511 Original Cover
When no document feeder (DF-701 or DF-624) is installed, the original cover is required

PC-110 Paper Feed Cassette
Adds one 500-sheet capacity paper drawer and one storage drawer.

PC-210 2-way Paper Feed Cassette
Adds two 500-sheet universal paper cassettes.

PC-410 Large Capacity Cassette
Adds 2,500-sheet capacity paper drawer.

Fiery IC-414 Image Controller
Adds advanced color graphic and color control for users with light graphic needs.

VI-506 Fiery Controller Interface
Required to connect IC-414 Fiery Image Controller to device.



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