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More and more businesses have been called upon to provide better security for their employees, premises and the surrounding areas. Employees want to navigate the workplace with ease and employers want to be more aware of threats, intruders and vandals with an eye toward proactive awareness of a breach and defusing highly dangerous situations. By using heat signatures and applying ranges based on the environment and application, MOBOTIX Thermal Solutions mitigate overheating, risk of fires, identify elevated temperatures and enable first line defense in complete darkness as well as during the day. With MOBOTIX overlay you can distinguish actual event’s, risk areas and react faster while still having a secure overview of the area in question.


MOBOTIX TR  automatically triggers an alert upon the early detection of possible hazards such as smoldering fires, overheated appliances and other sources of heat or fire at distances up to several hundred meters.  With smart security solutions from MOBOTIX, we can provide actionable information for you to prevent a potential disaster within your offices, schools, stores or factory facilities and their perimeters.  The built-in intelligence thermal imaging solution can help you analyze processes, situations and behaviors to make decisions now that will impact your future.




Thermal Temperature Detection

MOBOTIX thermal imaging technology is a no-contact imaging procedure that makes it possible to see the thermal radiation from an object or body that is otherwise invisible to the human eye. Thermographic cameras display heat intensity information in artificial colors that indicate the temperature of a person or object (blue = cooler and red = warmer). These cameras can measure thermal radiation in the entire image area and assign a temperature value per to accurately display the thermal radiation emitted by all objects within the camera’s view. The measured values can be used to trigger an event (camera alarm, network message, activation of a switching output, etc.) when a predetermined value is exceeded or not reached, depending on the logic programmed. Up to 20 different temperature events can be configured simultaneously in defined TR windows or over the complete sensor image. This creates preventative measures where critical situations can be analyzed in advance and the next steps can be initiated immediately before any harm is done.













Many Security Applications Beyond Temperature Detection:



Thermal Radiography technology is not designed to determine the exact temperature of surfaces, but rather to proactively detect potential dangers from suddenly occurring and enable users to react automatically without delay. Additional advantages and uses of MOBOTIX TR include, but are not limited to:


Entry control - protect assets and avoid dangerous situations
Calibrated thermal image sensor that enables the measurement of thermal radiation across the entire image area, even down to individual pixels. Temperature detection and measurement at distances of up to several hundred meters over large and hard to reach areas.

Perimeter protection - even in absolute darkness
Early detection of dangers that are invisible to the human eye, even in complete darkness and unfavorable weather conditions. Suspicious persons and activities are detected by their thermal characteristics.

Temperature measurement and early fire detection
Thermal image combined with high-contrast visual details creates visible hotspots and dangerous sources of heat or fire to be identified. Automatically triggers an alarm when temperature exceeds or falls below defined limits. Configuration of up to 20 different temperature events simultaneously.

Dual camera options: Thermal image plus optical sensor in one camera
MOBOTIX dual camera systems can automatically switch from the thermal sensor to the optical sensor and generate high-resolution video for optimal viewing when an object is moving in the surveillance area. MOBOTIX thermal cameras, such as the M16-Thermal, also offer a special thermal image overlay function to fade in thermal radiation information from the thermal sensor into the optical sensor image (color or black and white).

Durability for high investment security & Full Replacement Warranty
MOBOTIX cameras are known and appreciated around the world as extremely robust and durable systems with 80,000 operating hours (over 9 years!). Full replacement warranties available for quick and easy repairs with little downtime.

Extremely low energy consumption
Equipped without extra cooling, heating or PTZ motors, the MOBOTIX thermal imaging cameras require only <10 watts of power and can therefore be connected and powered cost-effectively via PoE with just one cable.






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Disclaimer: Mobotix cameras are FDA compliant and are covered under a blanket emergency 510K certification when used WITH a black body radiator.

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