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Non-Intrusive IT Assessments Remotely or On-Site, in Less Than an Hour


Systel’s NEW network assessment tool is now available to our current and potential customers. Network Check-UP is used to identify underlying issues and security risks on your business’s network, while allowing us to make educated recommendations through our Solutions Department and All Covered partnership.

Security Aware, Because We Care

IT Assessments Made Fast & Easy

If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Improve It

Network Check-UP is an industry-leading IT assessment tool used to collect and compare multiple data points to uncover hard to detect issues and measure your Network’s risk. Systel will then provide recommended fixes and track the remediation progress from start to finish.
The process is simple: Systel Network Check-UP is a non-invasive data collector that can remotely run on the network, analyze the data, and compile it into a set of easy-to-read IT security reports, in most cases in well under an hour. Unlike any other IT assessment product, there are no agents, probes or software to install. When complete, it leaves no “traces”, conflicts with other applications, or firewall issues.
Network Check-UP’s Security Risk Score not only uncovers threats to the network but assigns them a Risk Score based on network impact.  The Risk Score allows you to prioritize the remediation of individual issues and measure network health over time. 
To schedule your Network Check-UP, please complete the
Network Check-UP Agreement form found below
Network Check-UP Agreement Form


92.4% of malware is delivered by email

$3 million is the average cost of an attack on SMBs

43% of cyber attacks target SMBs


Security Risk Report

A Customized Risk Score and chart show the relative health of the network security, along with a summary of the number of computers with issues. This powerful tool also reports outbound protocols, system control protocols, user access controls, external vulnerabilities summary, and dark web password and credential breaches.







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What are the costs?

For a limited time only, Systel is waiving the Assessment fee (a value of over $1500.00!) and offering Network Check-Up to customers for FREE.

How do I inquire for more information?

If you have additional questions please contact us.

To schedule your Network Check-UP, please complete the Network Check-UP Agreement Form.

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Does this work for an all Mac environment?

There are limited features with an all Mac environment, please contact us for more information.