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leasing assistant

Leasing Assistant


Billing/ Leasing Department Manager

Non-exempt - 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday (40 hours per week)


Provide support and liaison between sales representatives, all Systel leasing companies and customers.


Location: Fayetteville, NC


  • Request & send buyout and trade-up quotes to sales representatives on all leasing programs (i.e. Ricoh, DLL,
  • Systel, Sitec and US Bank). Process lease approvals, buyout quotes, and final lease packages.
  • Assist with monthly order billing to include purchases and leases
  • Enter credit applications on line.
  • Forward credit approvals to sales representatives.
  • Obtain additional required information for application process (principal information, financial statements, articles of corporation, etc.). If declined, shop deal to outside leasing companies.
  • Answer customer or sales representative questions re: billing problems, lease end, renewals, insurance, complaints, collection problems, etc.
  • Review orders at end of month and make any necessary changes or obtain any additional information before
    forwarding to leasing companies.
  • If service is included in deal, verify rates are correct and then break out service from equipment cost.
  • Ensure we receive funding for deals in a timely manner (preferably before the 10th of the month). If problem with
    order, communicate between sales representative and Lease Company until issue is resolved.
  • Retrieve and/or forward misapplied service and/or lease payments from/to leasing companies.
  • Process Systel and outside companies’ lease payoffs and buyouts.
  • Handle lease buyouts/payoffs for customer if sales representative is not upgrading.
  • Ricoh/DLL quotes for sales and customer. If Systel is upgrading deal, get letter of intent along with return
    authorization for branches.
  • Prepare final documentation package for leasing company which may include:
    • Approval (all terms and conditions must be met)
    • Lease
    • Invoice
  • Any applicable billing instructions from customer.
  • Handle the US Bank and DLL Systel accounts when notified of lease account past due (if service is included)
    notating on service and sales side of account being past due.
    • Put note on equipment for services and supplies to be held
    • Follow up to see if customer has paid; if so, remove the message of ‘hold’ from unit.
  • Responsible for entering the lease information in the lease modular for ALL leases Systel/DLL, Systel/US Bank,
  • Sitec/DLL, Sitec US Bank, and all down the street leases (ex. Marlin, GE, Great America)
  • Return authorization for the true DLL/Ricoh lease, when needed and any Systel/SiTec returns
    • Once deal is booked/or unit picked up, make sure Systel Branch(s) get the ‘RA’ for the return.
    • Handling with service contract final meter billing on service contract of unit going back.
  • Take customer phone calls regarding customer issues and work to resolve
  • Process equipment moves, address/location change and loaners on lease side and E-Automate
  • Assist in DocRecord lease indexing and assisting branches with orders
  • Maintain a positive attitude & encouraging demeanor with all employees in the department & company.
  • Available to work extra hours at the end of the month sales cut-off date (Vacation & Personal time needs to be
    planned around the end of month sales cut-off date.)
  • Assist in special projects as assigned by management.



  • Must have the ability to communicate orally with vendors, customers, and leasing companies.
  • Must have basic mathematical skills. Must be able to set and meet deadlines, handle multiple tasks efficiently and complete duties independently.
  • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential