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Meridian Kiosks

Take Control of your Work Environment

HP Meridian’s Personnel Management Solution features check-in and temperature verification capabilities.The solution can also be programmed for facial identification, with users easily added in a few short clicks. Designed to help protect the health and safety of both employees and guests by preventing anyone with a temperature from entering a facility, alerts can be added to sound when those above the temperature threshold and those without access attempt to enter.



Meridian Kiosks are flexible in design. The Personnel Management Solution is available in freestanding and countertop configurations.



An antimicrobial powder coat finish can be applied to the base of the unit to ensure durability and prevent the spread of germs.



Create alerts when individuals above the temperature threshold and those without access attempt to enter.

Custom Sizes and Configurations available

  • Stands available with antimicrobial powder coat finish
  • Freestanding & countertop options
  • Curved and flat-sided units to adhere to customer preferences
  • Supports detection and tracking of multiple people at the same time
  • Facial recognition library up to 30,000 people
  • Graphic template available for download
  • 2 million pixel camera
  • 2.5 W / 4R speakers
  • 8.0 inch IPS LCD screen

Want to learn more about Meridian Kiosks?

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Want more details on available sizes and configurations?

View the Meridian Kiosk spec sheet here.

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This is not FDA-cleared or approved. This temperature device should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19 or any other disease or health condition. Elevated body temperature in the context of use should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods, such as a non-contact infrared thermometer or clinical grade contact thermometer.  

-Merdian Personnel Management Kiosk