What is e-info?

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The e-info service provides our customers the ability to manage their equipment/item and serviceable items online. Through the webpage provided, you can accomplish a number of equipment/item management tasks.

Manage your business equipment online in real-time

  • Order supplies and check order status
  • Input meter readings and view meter history
  • Initiate service requests
  • Monitor account information

Easy to Navigate Design

The e-info customer homepage that displays after you login is organized into tiles, making navigation a breeze!

To navigate e-info, you will use the different tile menus on the e-info. The tile menus provide access to the different areas of e-info: Meters, Equipment/Item, Account summary, Invoices, Sales orders, Service calls, MIF (Machines in the Field) and Account Settings. You use the links and buttons on each tile to navigate to the various pages and areas of e-info. Only certain tiles may display depending on the individual needs of your company and the individual rights of the user.  You must have Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9.0 or newer, Firefox® 17 or newer, or Chrome 23 or newer to open e-info.

Tips for Setting up your Account

1.  For easy and fast set-up, you'll need to know your Customer Identification Number in order to create your account. This number is located on any customer invoice. It may be listed as "Account Number" or "Customer Number". If unable to identify the Company Number, please email support@systeloa.com for assistance. 

2.  To verify authenticity, the email address used to set up the account must be listed in our system as an authorized email address in order to successfully set-up einfo account. 

3. If you receive an error stating "this email is already in use", please select "forgot password" so the system can reset the username. 

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See the links below for additional information that will help walk you through how to register and navigate the portal as well as pay invoices online. 

If you have any questions, please contact us, give us a call 1-800-849-5900 or email at support@systeloa.com.