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Document Management

Transforming your paper documents into digital format has the power to revolutionize your workplace, but only if it's done correctly! The journey doesn't end once you've scanned or printed your documents using a versatile multifunction device. Ensuring that the information on these captured documents and images remains clear, relevant, and accessible is crucial. Systel is here to guide you through the intricate process of document processing. Our advanced document management system allows you to streamline your procedures and amplify your office's productivity like never before.

Document Organization & Centralization

Streamline your document storage by centralizing all files in one secure location, providing you with the ability to easily categorize; label, and access documents, all while reducing the amount of time you spend searching for critical information.

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Document Digitization

Transform your paperwork into digital files efficiently and effortlessly with our back file scanning services. Whether you have a mountain of documents or just a few, this process allows you to digitize them in bulk, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to the clutter and hassle of physical documents and embrace the convenience of a digital world.

Document Security & Access Control

Ensure data security with role-based access controls that allow administrators to restrict access to sensitive documents, track user interactions, and maintain compliance with industry regulations to safeguard your company's confidential information.

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Workflow Automation

Improve the efficiency of your daily operations by automating repetitive tasks and traditional document routing processes with customized workflows. Keep your team up to speed with programmed alerts for pending actions, all while enhancing collaboration and ultimately reducing manual errors from your day-to-day tasks.

Version Control & Audit Trails

Easily reference the latest version of your documents at a moment’s notice, complete with an audit trail showing the history of your files. You’ll have access to a complete record of who has made edits to a document and when, keeping you and your team accountable for past and current versions at any given time.

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Integration & Scalability

Seamlessly integrate your document management system with other business applications, such as CRM or ERP systems. This interoperability enhances productivity, adaptability, and the overall value of your software investment as your business grows.



Systel Logo Bullet Points_Square_CheckmarkDOCUMENT STORAGE: Document Management Software offers a secure digital repository for storing documents of various formats, including PDFs, word documents, spreadsheets, images, and more,  eliminating the need for physical file storage.

Systel Logo Bullet Points_Square_Checkmark4DOCUMENT RETRIEVAL: Users can quickly search and retrieve documents using keywords, metadata, or other search criteria. This enhances productivity and reduces the time spent searching for information.

Systel Logo Bullet Points_Square_Checkmark2VERSION CONTROL: Document Management Software includes version control features, ensuring that users access the latest version of a document while retaining access to previous versions for reference.

Systel Logo Bullet Points_Square_Checkmark3ACCESS CONTROL: Robust access controls and permissions enable organizations to restrict document access to authorized personnel, enhancing security and compliance.

Systel Logo Bullet Points_Square_CheckmarkDOCUMENT INDEXING: Automate document indexing, which allows for the categorization and tagging of documents with relevant metadata for easy organization and retrieval.

revolutionize your Workplace with Document Management Software

Investing in Document Management Software is a strategic decision that can transform your business operations. Experience the benefits of streamlined processes, enhanced collaboration, improved compliance, and peace of mind knowing that your documents are secure and easily accessible. Take the first step towards a more efficient future by implementing Document Management Software today.