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Electronic Faxing

Electronic faxing, or internet faxing, is a digital solution that enables users to send and receive faxes over the internet, eliminating the need for traditional fax lines. By integrating with email and providing features like secure transmission and mobile accessibility, electronic faxing streamlines communication workflows. Businesses benefit from cost savings due to reduced reliance on physical infrastructure, increased efficiency with faster document exchange, and improved accessibility for remote work. Moreover, these solutions comply with industry regulations, offering audit trails and ensuring legal requirements for document transmission and storage are met. Overall, electronic faxing presents a modern, environmentally friendly, and compliant alternative to traditional fax communication.

Send & Receive Faxes Digitally

Our electronic faxing solutions allow users to send and receive faxes digitally, promoting efficiency and flexibility for remote workers and business travelers. With mobile-friendly features, users can manage faxes on the go and enhance organizational responsiveness.

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Streamlined Workflows & Automation

Traditional faxing involves manual processes, paper handling, and the need for physical fax machines and dedicated phone lines, which are time-consuming and error-prone. Electronic faxing streamlines operations by enabling digital transmission of faxes, eliminating manual processes and physical documents. Integration with business applications automates workflows, resulting in faster and more efficient communication processes.

Reduced Operational Costs and Inefficiencies

Switching to electronic faxing solutions significantly reduces operational costs by eliminating the need for traditional fax machines, paper, and dedicated phone lines. This digital and cloud-based approach allows businesses to save on consumables, maintenance, and infrastructure expenses, enabling more efficient resource allocation and investment in growth-focused initiatives.

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ADVANTAGES OF electronic faxing solutions


Systel Logo Bullet Points_Square_CheckmarkSECURE TRANSMISSION: Ensure the secure transmission of sensitive information, enhancing data confidentiality and reduce the risk of a data breach.

Systel Logo Bullet Points_Square_Checkmark4INTEGRATION:  Streamline workflow efficiency by integrating with various business tools and applications, reducing manual data entry and improving data accuracy.

Systel Logo Bullet Points_Square_Checkmark2COST SAVINGS: Save costs by eliminating fax lines, machines, and reducing paper usage to boost financial efficiency.

Systel Logo Bullet Points_Square_Checkmark3COMPLIANCE: Ensure compliance with industry regulations, enhance data security, and minimize legal liabilities.


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Healthcare institutions manage confidential patient data and frequently deal with a large number of documents that need to be securely transmitted. Electronic fax solutions equipped with strong security protocols and compliance features perfectly cater to the healthcare sector's requirements for privacy, regulatory compliance, and streamlined communication of medical records and files.

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Financial institutions handle a wide array of documents containing confidential financial data. Electronic faxing offers a secure and compliant solution for sending financial documents, maintaining audit trails, and guaranteeing regulatory adherence. The automation and efficiency capabilities of electronic faxing are especially beneficial for financial entities handling extensive paperwork volumes.

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Legal professionals manage sensitive and time-critical documents, often necessitating secure and compliant communication. Electronic fax solutions streamline operations, automate document processes, and seamlessly integrate with legal document management systems. This positions them as the perfect match for law firms aiming for operational effectiveness, document protection, and adherence to legal regulations.

Transform The Way You Fax

Embrace electronic faxing technology and say goodbye to cumbersome paper-based systems and hello to a more efficient and organized way of communicating. Discover the benefits of transforming the way you fax and reach out to us today for a seamless transition.