Also known as all-in-one printers, multifunction printers are ideal for businesses looking to streamline their document handling processes. Systel’s selection of MFPs will give you the ability to speed up the flow of information from paper documents to digital and vice versa.

Features of MFPs

The beneficial features of our available MFPs include:

Print Speed, Volume and Accuracy

Your business can’t afford to wait around while your equipment takes its time completing a print job. The fast print-per-minute speeds of Systel’s multifunction devices allow you to produce error-free prints and copies with maximum efficiency. High print volumes help ensure that your hardware can handle large jobs without breaking down at inopportune times.

Information Distribution Options

MFPs don’t just give you quality prints; they enable you to scan documents and store them on your network. You can integrate many devices with document management software to further optimize your document-processing abilities.

With many MFPs, you can also fax and email documents directly from the devices themselves. This will enable you to accomplish more in less time.

Information Mobility Options

Who says you need to be at your printer to use it? Some current MFPs give you the option of printing documents from your smartphone or tablet. Mobile apps allow you to do this without print drivers.

In addition to this, some MFPs let you print files from a USB drive. This saves you the trouble of uploading files onto a computer and allows you to work even quicker.

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Systel has a wide variety of MFPs in stock. We’ll help you find a device that will best suit your specific needs. Check out our product catalog to see our available models.

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