Unified Communications

Work smarter with cloud based communications



The need for business continuity and the ability to work remotely has never been more critical. As technology changes the nature of our work and the way we live, Systel continually invests in products that are designed to transform how people connect, communicate, and collaborate. Unified communications facilitates the integrated collaboration of employees by bringing people together from anywhere, on any device. This network-engineered approach will evolve the way your business communicates and improve productivity, even when working remotely. Managed Voice Services provide cloud-based solutions that bridge the gap in geographically diverse teams. Our hosted solutions can deliver real-time collaboration tools to your workforce including voice calling, web and video conferencing, voicemail, mobility, screen sharing, instant messaging, presence, and more.












Optimize your business performance with UC-One


UC-One is a world class, market leading technology that was developed through a partnership between All Covered and Cisco BroadSoft, the leading provider of cloud software and services. This comprehensive suite of unified communications services is designed to optimize business performance by enabling flexible communication and various mobile working solutions. UC-One will eliminate the need to transfer work calls to your personal phone and can integrate up to four devices through its mobile app. Once the app has been downloaded on each device, you can easily access a range of unified communications services including chat rooms, virtual meeting rooms, visibility of online presence (in/out of office, traveling, etc.,) the ability to move calls between devices, record calls, and even pre-determine call ratings with the help of Artificial Intelligence. UC-One replaces the need for phone lines from a local provider and makes it easy to communicate on one centralized platform with simple, unified billing and no hidden costs. Keep your team connected anywhere, at any time with unified communications, a competitive advantage during unprecedented times.

SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX with Unified Communications


SIP Trunking

Utilizing your existing internet connection, SIP Trunking provides a blend of voice and data traffic onto a single IP circuit with one point of contact for local and long distance calls while delivering dynamic bandwidth allocation that supports FXS, PRI, and T1 connections. 

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Advantages Include:
  • Cost savings over existing telecom solutions
  • Reduced Op-ex for voice and data services
  • Future-Proofing with IP services
  • High quality voice service
  • Ability to keep existing equipment
  • Provides immediate solution for an aging system
















Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is one of the fastest growing and cost efficient services for small and medium sized businesses using unified communications. This service offers one platform and one point of contact delivering increased flexibility, low maintenance, simplification, and advanced features. 

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Advantages Include:
  • Unified Communications for improved productivity, collaboration, and more
  • Redundancy is built into the network, eliminating communication failure
  • Eliminates onsite PBX equipment
  • Reduces long distance costs
  • Provides advanced calling features, flexibility, and mobility
  • Reduces/ eliminates traditional telephone lines
  • 3 - 4 digit dialing everywhere
  • Local and national phone numbers available
















Protect Your Investment with Session Border Controllers

When it comes to protecting your business’s communications systems from sophisticated hackers and cyberattacks, Session Border Controllers (SBCS) are a necessity. SBCS have multiple critical roles in maintaining and securing your network while connecting your company’s communication infrastructure to the public internet, hosted PBX service providers and/ or private vendor network. In addition to enhancing call quality and ease of use, SBCS also ensure interoperability of VoIP and video devices, testing VoIP lines, and more. Using pattern analysis to spot unusual activity, SBCS quickly block the problem once a potential threat has been recognized and can even send details of the threat to other locations within your business to ensure that they are on the lookout for similar breaches.


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