Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

At Systel, much of what we do for our customers centers on communication. Our multifunction devices and document management software help you make information available to people who need it.

However, paper and electronic documents aren’t always the best way to communicate information. Sometimes, it’s simpler just to talk to someone.

With this in mind, Systel is happy to offer customers teleconferencing equipment. Our communication system’s cloud-based technology and user-friendly design allows you to communicate with up to 20 different locations at once.

Features of Video Conferencing Equipment

Thanks to Systel’s partnership with Ricoh, we can offer their lightweight, easy-to-use Unified Communication System. Ricoh modeled the system’s interface after that of a typical smartphone, which enables users to implement it quickly.

Other beneficial features of the UCS include:

  • Ability to communicate via video, audio, text and interactive multimedia
  • Scalable video coding, which reduces camera jitter and communication interruptions
  • Simultaneous display of nine locations (11 more locations can be connected via audio)
  • 1.3-megapixel resolution
  • 94-degree view
  • USB cable connectivity to computers, projectors and televisions

To further enhance the UPS’s capabilities, Systel can also provide customers with additional applications to help them share information even faster. You can log in and join a meeting anywhere, instantly.

For more information on Systel’s available video conferencing equipment, contact us.