Looming Cyber Threats: Are You Prepared for Battle?

As the Russian attacks on Ukraine continue to escalate, U.S. business owners are preparing for a battle of their own: the war on American infrastructure. There is no longer speculation of whether these attacks could happen, but rather when and how catastrophic. The time to take action is now. Is your organization equipped for combat?

Reinvent Your Office with the Latest Technology for Today's Virtual Workplace

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic that rattled the World in 2020, millions of businesses adopted the already trending concept of remote work- a shift that quickly became a vital component of sustaining normal business operations amidst the global pandemic.

Systel's January 2021 Recap

January was a great month for Systel. We ended 2020 by earning our highest annual Net Promoter Score to date, kicked off the new year with a companywide charity drive, hosted our first virtual sales meeting, and celebrated Konica Minolta's 12 BLI Awards. It seems that 2021 is off to a good start, and we are looking forward to what the rest of the year has to offer.

Now, let's hit the highlights: here's Systel's January recap.

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