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Reinvent Your Office with the Latest Technology for Today's Virtual Workplace

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As a result of the coronavirus pandemic that rattled the World in 2020, millions of businesses adopted the already trending concept of remote work- a shift that quickly became a vital component of sustaining normal business operations amidst the global pandemic. Now, almost a year later, nearly 48% of employees are estimated to continue working remotely in at least some capacity in the post-pandemic world (1). 

Today, the modern workplace has evolved beyond the walls of brick and mortar buildings, as remote and hybrid work environments have become the “new normal” in light of the pandemic. This shift in the workplace has not only enabled businesses to stay afloat during these challenging times, but has also given employees the opportunity to work virtually from anywhere amid changes in their personal lives. Recent developments in technology have largely contributed to the success businesses have achieved under such drastic circumstances- in fact; a 2020 survey showed that 86% of workers reported feeling “fully productive” while working from home (2). In addition to understanding the demands of remote and hybrid work environments, it is important to ensure that you have access to technology and solutions that easily adapt to these temporary business conditions.


Keeping You Connected

Business environments are changing and so is the way we communicate. Take advantage of innovative equipment and solutions necessary for keeping you connected to individuals both inside, and outside of your organization.

Some of our favorite products and solutions that help transform communication and collaboration in the modern workplace include:


1. Managed Voice and Unified Communications

The developments of modern phone systems in the last few decades have completely revolutionized the ways in which we communicate. On average, we spend about 3 hours of each workday on phone calls and in meetings- activities that have proven to be a challenge for businesses adapting to hybrid and remote work environments.

Hosted solutions like Unified Communications and Managed Voice Services deliver real-time collaboration tools to the workforce including voice calling, web and video conferencing, voicemail, mobility, screen sharing, instant messaging, presence, and more.

Having the ability to communicate with people both inside, and outside of your organization, with access to necessary contacts from up to 4 devices is an added bonus!


2. Video Conferencing and Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Today, video conferencing services are transforming the way we do business. Interactive Flat Panel Displays are perfect for modern workstyles, and integrate with a number of operating systems and applications that promote innovative, engaging, hands-on collaboration.


3. Managed Network and IT Services

It’s never a bad idea to practice good hygiene when it comes to your business network! Modern technology has given us the opportunity to work anywhere with a stable internet connection, and while you may be tempted to work from your favorite local coffee shop, it’s never a good idea to work from an insecure network.

Insecure networks like public hotspots and even home Wi-Fi networks are easy targets for hackers, putting your company’s cybersecurity at risk.

Network Check-UP is a great tool for identifying underlying issues and security risks on your business’s network. It runs on your network and, in under an hour, provides you with a detailed security risk report that shows the health of your network’s security, along with a summary of the number of devices with issues.


Regardless of any changes your business environment is currently facing, Systel has the equipment and solutions necessary for promoting collaboration and keeping you connected from anywhere, on any device.

Contact us to find the solution most suitable for your business needs.